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This is bad...bad, bad, bad, bad...The audio is not present in the least bit, save for a couple of music tracks, and the whole thing is just crap. I don't mean to sound like a douche, but seriously...This is just bad.

The part at the end was hilarious! I love this series! Keep up the good work! Also, Monsuno lost my attention the minute I saw that the lip-synching was WAY off. At least with a lot of OTHER anime that's not for kids, the voice-acting is top-notch and the lip-synching is actually...well...in sync! I am docking a half a point for not mentioning how horrible the voice acting and lip-syncing is. Otherwise, this was a perfect review!

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Why they choose to be douchebags like that I will never understand. Atheism should be about logic and reason and helping those in need because you WANT to and not have some make-believe deity telling you to. Atheism should be about science and the mysteries of life and wonders of observation and thinking for oneself. That's what atheism should be about.

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Stupidly Funny

Unlike what a lot of waste of spaces here are saying, this game needs no point, because I see it as a blatant parody of most RPGs. Mainly because action RPGs only REQUIRE ONE BUTTON TO FIGHT. For example, in Starocean: Till the End of Time, tapping the Square button can deal serious damage, and spamming square is basically your main method of attack. THIS GAME PARODIES THAT very mechanic, and I appreciate your sense of humor, my good sir, and to make a game showcasing that humor, is simply genius. Thank you for this stupidly hilarious game.


I like what u tried to do. However, it is missing an entire game, plus Kirby needs to be able to spit out enemies when he sucks them up, which would have been nice. I mean, you forgot one of his trademark abilities! You really need to add more to this, and then include all of his trademark abilities, including adding the ability to become whatever he sucks up, which would then make this a complete Kirby game.

Simply Genius!

An interesting and original concept, mixed with great cartoon style graphics, and great mechanics! This is one of the most addicting games here, and it really shows how much effort was put into it. If I were Gameinformer, (they'd give an easy 9), I would give a 10. It's just pure genius, with a simple premise and an easy learning curve! It's just awesome!

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ALMOST like the original! This is damn fantastic! My only suggestion is to emphasize the background sounds a little more to give it more "oomph". Otherwise, this is a FANTASTIC remake!

I am getting a sense of mystery from this song, and would be perfect for a Church themed dungeon in an RPG.

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This is good, but Japanese classical instruments would have been better. I mean, Baiken IS Japanese and all, it would only be fitting.

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The fuckers down below me are just jealous of your talent. HEY GUYS! JESTER IS AMAZING! STFU AND GTFO!

Seriously, though...This piece is clearly well-thought-out, if a bit unfinished. I am docking one star for that reason, btw, as I would like to see this as a completed work, considering the quality and clear effort put into this piece. I just wish the idiots below me could see that you have loads of potential and I would like to see it harnessed to its fullest. :)

Jester responds:

Oh, don't take them seriously. Skaren's my buddy and the other guy was raging because he was the butt of a joke. I appreciate the compliments, though.
I don't have any plans to make a more complete version of this, i'm afraid, because I only did it as a result of my friend harassing me for at least a month to draw Clint Eastwood. I do really like the look of the gray tones, though. I think i'll have to do them more often.

The people who rate low on this are just jealous of your work. Seriously, the black and white works well here, and the technique used is very well executed, and that's not even mentioning the creative design of the characters. Though I would like to see this in color, as it stands, this is a fantastic piece, and I certainly hope to see more. :)

JamSession responds:

Thank you. It's good to try new things.

This seems more like a study to me, but even so, why the low score? You're miles above me, and that's something I can respect at face value alone, which is why I decided to take your art lessons in the first place. You have a lot more skill than I do, and you probably are just being attacked by those who envy your skills, or people you might or might not have pissed off at one point or another. Either way, great work!

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radiodark responds:

Thanks. Scores aren't important though, and I didn't spend very long on this one so I don't feel it's entirely undeserved. A lot of the shading could be a bit smoother and I could have put more midtones in the body, plus I probably ought to have scanned the image rather than photographing it, considering the size.

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