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Dear Gaming Industry: More COLORS PLEASE

2012-09-23 00:05:27 by DragonPunch

As much as I like games trying to be realistic as much as the next guy (I don't), one would think studios would use their talents and technology to build more colorful games, while trying to be realistic, yes? WRONG! Instead, when we expect colorful masterpieces like Danger Joe, Mod Nation Racers, Little Big Planet, Borderlands 2, and some others, we get stuck with Battlefield 3, COD MW3, COD BO2, and other bland shooters.

Gaming industry, look. I know realism is fun for you and sells more games. However, PLEASE, oh PLEASE stop using the same damn color palettes. It was fun the first freakin' time (Gears of War, I am STARING STRAIGHT AT YOU, YOU MUDDY ASS FREAK), but now, we're over mud-brown, turd black, rusty car red, and military warehouse grey. Would it kill you to add more color THROUGHOUT your games, please (no, having Nuketown in the first COD Modern Warfare does not qualify COD as colorful; what I mean, is having more colors presented throughout the experience)?

Instead, you leave us gamers who want something pretty and awesome to look at in the dirt and think we're too stupid to know when we're being ripped off. Infinity Ward. I don't want Modern Warfare 4. I want Call of Duty: Space Warfare set in the year 4000 AD, with characters fighting on multi-colored planets with many diverse landscapes, and the ability to customize your armor color. Oh wait...Halo beat ya to it, I am afraid. Oh well, better luck next time. Hopefully, you won't resort to making a Halo rip-off. That goes for Metal Gear Solid 4 as well. If Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance does not have multiple colored presentations, with more than just the usual turd brown and steel greys, I will NOT buy it. This is why I like Zone of the Enders so much. It's made by Hideo Kojima, but it's more bright and colorful and diverse.

So gaming industry: I have no idea why you're obsessed with wonderful colors like turd brown and blood black (Gears of War...How did you mess this up). But it needs to stop. Start trying to be more creative please. Your games are fun for a lot of people, and I am sure I am missing out on the Wonderful Turd-Brown Colored Adventures of Generic Soldier X 4,956. But, here's the thing: That's okay with me. You, Infinity Ward, should be offended. And ashamed...Or whatever comes first...

TL;DR: More games like this please.

With the best of luck,


Dear Gaming Industry: More COLORS PLEASE


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2012-09-23 08:32:34

Well said.

DragonPunch responds:

Thank you, stranger. : )


2012-09-23 22:18:20

More Colors =/= better and innovative gaming.

Face it, a lot of people love the same 8 color schemes in their games, if that's what you're implying about COD or whatever. It's not harming the gaming industry or anything like that, it's only harming your ego.

I'll bet that you'll like anything as long as it has pretty colors and lights, now dont'cha? How shallow.

DragonPunch responds:

In a sense, yes. More colors does not exactly equal a better game. However, that still does not lift my frustrations about game development companies pushing realistic graphics over eye-pleasing aesthetics. Lollipop Chainsaw is a wonderful example of good art style and interesting characters, but with gameplay being a relatively mixed bag.

I want to see MORE colors with MORE original gameplay styles. This is why BlazBlue was so good. Many different colors, but had a really fun battle system that with time, was really hard to master, and it felt good to finally be able to do that 20 hit combo you couldn't previously do.

Odin Sphere is another great example of gameplay feeling tight and satisfying as well as simple, but having amazing and colorful graphics and a pleasing art style. A great example of a good realistic game would be Metal Gear Solid 4, and even though it has the same turd-brown I am always frustrated with, it passes on gameplay, story, characters and music. Call of Duty falls flat in the story, music and characters department. While I admit the gunplay is interesting, it's not enough to keep me interested, and the art style and graphics just don't do it for me. So there.