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Okey Dokey...

2012-12-03 13:26:49 by DragonPunch

So...I agree that I acted a bit like a little bitch yesterday, but after some thought, I went in and added some stuff that Nova-Solstice suggested, mainly joint lines and such...So...Yeah...I plan on working a festive Holiday piece for my next project. I plan on using Priscilla and Griselda along with several others opening presents and such.


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2012-12-03 16:02:27

bucko, i had to guide you like a 3 year old... i suck at instructions too... but in the end- it looks slightly better on a few things...

tis unfortunate i am not jesus, i cant make a miracle happen...


2012-12-03 21:30:48

you had to put up with me?... no offense? you little shit, thats like.. "youre the most worthless piece of shit in existence, you should go die because you make trash and pollute society with your mere being, and i dont even want to think about your face- the thought repugnates me to the point of puking out the very vitamins and minerals from the meal i had 4 days ago, thats how bad you sicken me.... NO OFFENSE THOUGH" no offense doesnt remove the insult, its just putting bad make up over a massive zit... still there

i didnt help you because it was my pleasure, i helped you because i felt pity, and i believe that girls and pokemon should look well >.>... so putting up with YOU is the real issue, are you always that hard to instruct? at one point i told you to make a parallel line and you immediately make a perpendicular line- and claim you know geometry -.- ... and whats up with not even using my name with the picture description? da hell man, thats almost as bad as taking all the credit for whatever improvements had been made...

youve officially shown me why newgrounds finds you a lost cause and a nuisance.

and whats worse? youre gonna respond to this like an asshole, or block me, or do something else thats just as immature and unaware of how you earned this entire post

DragonPunch responds:



2013-10-21 10:31:09

Ugh... When I see this, I just cringe nowadays... What the fuck was I thinking?


2015-04-25 04:05:27