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Where did THIS little gem come from? Sure, the animation was a bit stupid, and South Park may or may not have influenced your sense of humor, but this was pretty damn funny! I mean, yeah, WikiLeaks does some good stuff, but there are things that they do that make me want to...well, get angry, like these guys did! This was pretty damn funny!

Funny as Hell!

This was hilarious! I would LOVE to see more of these types of flash movies! Oh, and the game you're talking about is actually pretty funny if you think about it and how it is meant to parody many established RPG franchises. Anyways, that's not the point. I loved the voices, the music was unfitting, but well-chosen to give it that hilarity it needed, and the person who wrote that review is full of crap! Great flash overall. I've seen it three times already and can't stop laughing after watching it!


Human evolution just took a spiral staircase down into the toilet with this...Just how immature is this film? It's badly animated, badly drawn and it's not even funny. What I would do is smooth up the animation, add more details to the frames and maybe draw the characters in a more clear style, just to add more depth to them, and identifiable. But, if you must know, I am actually lean framed, and no, I don't like cock humor, because it's trite and immature. Try some other forms of humor and see what works before making another flash movie. You have potential. I can definitely see a good flash coming out of you in the near future, so keep at it, and keep improving. As an artist, it's out number one goal to become the best at what we do.

MudkipzLOL responds:

".....so keep at it......" OKAY THANKS BABE.

Love this beat


Dear Mickey,

Were you dropped on your head when you were little? Because, I think you need to visit a psychiatrist.

Best of Luck, you Dick,


Great episode!


This is simply some of the best flash I have ever seen! High quality, great animation, and a realism unparalleled to anything ever seen on Newgrounds before. This series should be made into a feature length film; the concept alone would sell really well, if the advertising is done correctly (I've seen movies flop because of advertising)! I would definitely pay the $10 to go to a theater and see this type of film on the big screen. This is definitely one of those films that sets the bar. Amazing work, and I cannot WAIT for episode 2.


Nice new voices! I also love the animation, too! Oh, I'll post some fan art if I get around to it. It sure has been a while! Please, keep posting!

Oh My GOD!

You know, I thought that too, when I saw part II! Good eye, btw, it was totally hilarious! "I'm gonna nail the shit out of Bella" Great lines, dude.

RicePirate responds:

I should have just shouted it out in the theater! "WHERE U GET THOSE SHORTS DUDE!"


Even after watching this thing like 20 times, I still laugh my ass off! Way to go!

"Leeeeeeeeeet's give a HAND!"

This was funny as Master Chief tea-bagging and shitting Arbiter! IDK, JK LOL. Hilarious stuff, man.

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